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I’d Rather Clean the Barn


It is no surprise to friends and family that house keeping is not my favorite activity. I look over at the toys strewn across the floor, which seem to have multiplied over the course of the day. The floor is like a mine field that with one wrong step will result in a broken ankle. The wash machine, a relic Craigslist find, is chugging along doing its best to keep up with the constant work requested of it today. I have unenthusiastically did dishes, laundry, scrubbed floors, tidied, sorted, repeated. My dream in life is a housekeeper but our location prevents that.


I would rather clean the barn and always have. In my college years, I worked at my university’s sheep unit. During my freshmen year, there were big changes and big emotions as there are for many of the fledgling birds leaving the nest. It was my place to find “home” and myself. I’d return from the barn aglow, eyes bright, and cheeks with pink flush brighter than any strawberry hued blush would provide. I loved the barn, being with the animals, the fresh clean air awakening me, my breath faster and harder, and my muscle feeling the burn of a day’s labor.


There is an appreciation for your efforts. As I spread the new straw the lambs investigate, sniff and chomp, their mamas looking on content to chew their cud. They buck, kick, and frolic thru the new golden straw more grateful than any of my kiddos are with fresh underwear or a clean plate.



And so it continues that my house is rarely BH&G ready and I need at least 24 hours notice before visits- unless you are in my inner circle of friends or family.  I would rather spend all day, any day cleaning the barn. You are invited to my barn any time!



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